BRE Architecture Series Part 3 – Helpers

In this opportunity, we are going to talk about the commonly denominated “utilities” or “helpers” of BRE. To explain in more detail, we are going to divide this part per library and file. Utils Library The Utils library has “helpers” for debugging purposes and string conversions. StringUtils has the following implementation and, as you can […]

BRE Architecture Series Part 2 – Managers

In this opportunity, we are going to see the “managers” of BRE. The managers are static classes (i.e. all its methods and member variables are static). My intention was to have global access and do not need to create instances to use them. There is always a battle between using classes with global access vs […]

BRE Architecture Series Part 1 – Overview

Many years ago, I chose to study Computer Sciences because I always knew I wanted to work in the video games industry or something related with that. First, I learned the C programming language in the university, and then I learned C++ reading books because in GameDev forums and other web pages mentioned it was […]