Physically Based Rendering – First Approach

After a long time, finally, I began with Physically Based Rendering. I was using Blinn-Phong, and I was comfortable with its result, but because all famous rendering engines were switching to physically based rendering models, I wanted to check it.

I was reading a lot of different resources to try to understand the theory, most used material models and real-time algorithms about this.

I read the following resources:
Unreal Engine
Alexandre Pestana

and others I do not remember at the moment. I liked Frostbite approach, which is a modification of Disney’s approach (base color, metal mask, normal, reflectance, smoothness)

I was using a Photoshop plugin called DDO Quixel which has a lot of beautiful features and also PBR calibrated textures.

The difference between Blinn-Phong and PBR is big, and once you begin using PBR calibrated data, it’s even bigger.

This is my first PBR demo. It is using five materials (gold, bronze, platinum, brick and sand). There are 2048 point lights.


3 thoughts on “Physically Based Rendering – First Approach

  1. Really awesome, I have been reading about physically based rendering recently and can’t wait to try it out myself. If you do remember any of the other resources it would be great if you could share them! From all the videos I have seen, the results always look so good! Nice job!

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      1. Nice, I will check out both when I start working on it. There are some nice talks on youtube about it – but having an actual example is always better! I keep meaning to actually buy some programming books…


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